Old school Yamaha amps vs ?



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Amps will sound different with equipment. One piece may enhance another sound. Bright speakers may bring up a warm sounding amps sound or vice versa. Separates and AV amps sound different. 9 amps in an av will sound different than a dedicated amp. So many variables.I feel sound is in the simplicity of the build and quality also. Caps are a major factor. Each brand cap has a different sense of sound,It never ends. I’m going to see tomorrow how my vintage Tammy m80 and Mx 1000 will do against the SAE A501. Using some Klipsch RF7 ii’s. Just a yammy 3050 av as the brain.
Yes, amps without speakers vs with speakers are drastically different....an actual night and day difference if you will.

Tuning high frequencies with an amp is pretty wonky, tho. Separates vs avrs don't sound different iME (and have both). I think mostly you've read a lot of questionable stuff and taken it as gospel....

If you're going to compare, do it right....casual sighted comparisons are worthless for the most part.

Nice thread resurrection, tho.

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