Old school Denon 4310ci



I just picked up a Denon 4310ci used but in excellent condition. This unit will be replacing my Pioneer SC 35 that has some issues like subwoofer output not working and some switching issues. It’s a shame because I really loved that SC 35 AVR.

I am not ready to upgrade yet till I find my dream unit which is probably going to be a Marantz.

So this will be a temporary unit to hold me.

I hooked this unit up via HDMI to my Verizon Fios set up box and a Samsung smart tv with ARC HDMI.

I am not getting and sound when using smart tv apps.

Fios set top box works perfectly. What am I doing wrong?


Audioholic Jedi
I think that Denon may be a tad old for ARC, try using an optical from tv to avr....

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