NuVision NVU40FX5LS Lucidium Slim 40" LED TV Review



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NuVision U.S. Inc. recently announced the introduction of three new super slim LED edge-lit LCD TV models for the consumer market, namely the Lucidium NVU40FX5LS (40-inch), the NVU46FX5LS (46-inch) and the NVU55FX5LS (55-inch). All three models come in a standard brushed aluminum black enclosure that has an almost industrial look to it. The 55-inch model is also available in a limited edition featuring a silver frame (NVU55FX5LSX). NuVision is not attempting to make a budget product, so don't expect to see a high value rating on this set. In addition, the company's focus is on providing a good quality product to its dealers and supporting that product with a warranty that means something.

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Only word word comes to mind


Why produce a display that's effectively 2-3 times the price of an equal quality display. I just don't understand the reasoning behind this. 2 years parts and labour is hardly an upgrade in terms of warranty even over the most standard of warranties.

All in all I think NuVision needs NuManagement.
its phillip

its phillip

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You could probably say the same thing about plenty of speakers, Shock :)

It is a nice looking display, and I do like how the inputs on the back panel are sideways, instead of straight out...but I do agree with Shock. Too much money for whatever few gains.


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Not even for $1500 optional custom finish? To color match your Ferrari :rolleyes:

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