No sound output to rear surround back speakers using Apple TV



Hello everyone. I have an issue with my Apple TV when I’m playing a movie with a Dolby Atmos mix. I have a Arcam AVR400 which gives me beautiful sound for music and movies. It isn’t Dolby Atmos enabled however it is a 7.1 receiver with Dolby True HD and DTS master etc. I have it connected to the Apple TV via a high speed HDMI cable. If I play a movie from iTunes that has a Dolby digital plus 7.1 mix the AVR will recognise this as a PCM 7..1 signal and plays the mix through all speakers. Perfect. However if i play a movie with a Dolby Atmos only mix such as Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse, my AVR will again see this as a PCM 7.1 signal from the Apple TV but will not play any sound through the rear back surround speakers. All other speakers including the rear side surrounds, sound great.

I’ve read articles from the Dolby website saying that if you playback a Atmos mix carried on a Dolby digital plus carrier on non Atmos equipment it will play it back as a regular Dolby Digital plus 7.1 mix. I understand the Atmos metadata is a carried on the Dolby digital plus data stream. Therefore I can’t understand why the rear back surrounds don’t produce any sound despite the fact my AVR is displaying that it’s receiving a 7.1 mix. Any thoughts or solutions? Many thanks.

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