Niles SW6.5 and SW8 Subwoofers Preview



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Niles has made a lot of custom installation products, many of which we have found to be very reliable and above-average, like their CM-Series In-ceiling speakers. This week, the company expanded its line of powerful high-fidelity subwoofers in the form of two new stylish compact subwoofers engineered with designers in mind, the SW6.5 and the SW8. The new subs are designed for a stylish look that can be more or less concealed in the room. This makes sense from a company that has done so well to create great-sounding products that blend into walls and ceilings. Mike Detmer, President of Niles is going out on a limb, saying their new SW6.5 and SW8 subwoofers "outperform their larger rivals and offer superior sound quality and design for all residential and light commercial installations.†That's a bold claim and we'll look forward to seeing how well the company can live up to its own hype.

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