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Hey Everyone, I’ve done a bit of reading but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for.. so here I am asking for some help! - and I probably sound really stupid because I don’t really know what I’m talking about .. so sorry in advance on that.

Long story short, I have a marantz sr5009 in my media lounge which is running 3 speakers up front, 2 at the rear and a sub. Now I’m looking to do the next area. Which is the dining room (1 speaker) kitchen (1 speaker) other lounge with tv (2 speakers) and the outdoor area (2 speakers or maybe 4)..

Sounds easy right? What I would like though is if I decide to play music, all the music to be linked/synced. I understand I’ll need to buy another receiver - and I was hoping I could do the likes of another marantz receiver similar and just hook the two together? Is it this possible to do or am I better to start from scratch?

hopefully that all makes sense
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I use Audio Chromecasts on my older gear and for when I want several systems to play the same content.....don't know about NZ but there are still some available on ebay here. Newer Marantz units you could probably use HEOS gear for similar....


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Yes, welcome to AH. How did they get such a long cable to reach us? ;) :D
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No, this isn't easy. In fact, it's incredibly painful to achieve. HDMI has all but made distributed audio a complete nightmare.

Why? Because you can't have two channel stereo at the same time you have surround sound.

You also have a bunch of zones which aren't surround sound, and you are trying to say that they won't even be stereo, but will be 'mono' areas.

Do you want them all to just play the same thing at the same time at the same volume or do you want to have individual control in the different areas to pick and choose what is playing and at what volume it is playing?

This is what distributed audio systems are for. You need to feed analog sources to the distributed audio system. Many cable boxes still have analog audio outputs, and most receivers can feed zone 2 a digital source (HDMI) out of the analog outputs, as long as that is the same source playing in the surround zone at that time. This is great for devices like a Roku or similar which doesn't have any analog audio outputs.

Receivers are meant to play back in a surround zone. Maybe a second zone. But, if you want three or four or more rooms with audio then you need to step up to something designed for that purpose. Just using a surround sound receiver as a multi-room product won't leave you feeling happy.

On the 'easy' side, you can just use a good power amplifier and hook up volume controls in all the rooms and use the volume controls to adjust volume while every room plays the same source.

If you want different things in every room and you want to have individual wall controllers, then you can get something like the Monoprice distributed system...

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