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<font color='#000000'>I just bought my first home theatre receiver this christmas and now have the hometheatre itch. &nbsp;Just started searching the web to educate my self and found this site. cudos to those at audioholics.

My system sofar consists of &nbsp;a Harman Kardon AVR325 reciever and I recently purchased a Harman Kardon DVD-25, Sony cube speakers (until I can save up some money for better speakers), Acoustic Research cables, Sony 36 Wega (non hdtv). RCA Direct TV reciever.

My Question is with the Harman Kardon DVD-25. I just got it two days ago for about $440 canadian &nbsp;plus tax but wonder what else is available around this price range? I was contemplating between the HK and the sony DVPNS715P which is $329? I also looked at the Panasonic but many of the models dont come with digital coaxial? I was affraid of Toshiba as they appeared to be many open box return. I did see some Marantz and an ONKYO units but they were out of my price range. Does anyone have any suggestions?or If you own a HK DVD 25 I would appreciate your coments?

Thanks ALL!
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<font color='#000000'>So you're looking to return the HK?

If so, I'd look for a replacement that also plays DVD-A and SACDs (or at least one or the other). I have a JVC XV SA602 that I like quite a bit, though it doesn't play SACDs.</font>

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