Going for a new vinyl system and need some advice. My system will be set up in a 16x24 room. I am looking at an Orbit turntable or Audio-Technica. The upstairs to house has one Sonos speaker and the boss says that’s fine for upstairs. It would be nice to connect to that speaker when listening downstairs. So my thought is maybe the Sonos Amp. Then two good speakers and maybe a Sonos sub some day. The other Amp thought is the XTonebox Silver 6011. one major reason for liking this amp is looks. I love it. Exposed tubes and wood finish make it perfect for its future spot. And yes I would look forward to visitors asking about it And spurring conversations about vinyl in our youth. It has Bluetooth which I would like while my vinyl collection grows. I don’t have too much info on the XTonebox. I think I may need an amp in the turntable? Not sure.I have some Paradigm speakers and love them. That is what I will probably use. Any info on the XTonebox and the Orbit ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Youl'll have lots of support around the Orbit turntable but not so much on the tube amps. Most (not all) tend to stick with SS amplification. I would like to listen to a tube amp as I've not heard them before. However ownership is far more work with tubes than SS as tubes wear out.


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You already own a vinyl collection? If not I wouldn't bother myself and why the is the choice between the fairly different Orbit and AT? Not a tube fan and $675 for that little hybrid tube pre/class d amp just doesn't appeal at all and hope your speakers are relatively sensitive since the amp is only 30wpc (and only at 1% thd+N, too)...altho it does have a phono stage built in. Whether Sonos works with bluetooth I don't know.
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My first question to you is why?

LPs come from an age now gone by. LP reproduction requires a very different mind set from this digital age and data streamed here there and everywhere. If I did not have a huge legacy LP collection, I would not be considering a turntable.

Turntables work best with very good straightforward systems circumventing the modern age to the greatest degree possible. Properly setting up a turntable is an art form and requires a definite skill set.

Your choice of an Orbit turntable is a good one. After that the system does not seem ideal.

At first blush you do not seem to be the ideal individual to be getting into turntables. A Sonus Sub and Blue tooth are definite clues that lead me in that direction.

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