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Ryan if they are 6 in satoris what would your best guess be regarding the speakers frequency response?

According to the specs, the F3 is 35 Hz. The speaker looks well designed and I would expect superior speech clarity. The speaker would be large for some. As I have commented before, the center speaker is a big problem. It does need to be as powerful as the left and right speakers, and have numerous other attributes. Most center speakers are a massive detriment to the overall quality of the system. That is one of the few designed from correct principals.

The size is the biggest issue. From that point of view, it is an advantage to have a sealed design. This allows for just as good power handling, and a significantly smaller speaker. Also roll off is 12 db per octave which blends better with the su crossover. Sure you get a higher f3, but you can easily get and F3 at 80 Hz, which makes for an excellent blend with the sub. I would bet that any system having a center will have a sub. In addition centers tend to be close to walls, and bass reinforcement from the wall and screen can be a big problem from my research. In my in wall system, which of course has a big flat baffle, the wall, the f3 of the LCRs is 83 Hz, but there is so much reinforcement from the wall boundary, I have to set the crossover to 40 Hz, as the flat wall extends the response of the speakers a full octave. In my theater TL center, the baffle step compensation is variable. That is a through wall design. So it seems to me those ports and associated extended bass is likely to actually be a problem in some installations, unless the speaker can be pulled clear of the wall. Center speakers really do present a large array of very knotty problems.


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Hi TLS good info. The speaker is large 24.25 Wx 13.75Dx 14H.

Jim has rated the speaker down to 38 Hz on his site, They are actually SB Acoustics 6 inch
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Wow that burled walnut is on another level. You have some amazing speakers, you must never get tired of looking at them.

And your sub . . . you have it going on! :eek:

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