New room- Dedicated!!!



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I am moving into a new house, and there is a sitting room within the master suite. The room is 16 ft by 11 ft. The volume is about 1550 cubic feet. The room can be completely closed off. I currently have a 5.3.2 setup (my AVR is the Denon 4400 and I am running the mini DSP with Dirac plug-in). In that size room I'm honestly not sure if I will need to use all three subwoofers- two SVS pc2000 and a HSU VTF-3 MK4. It's got me thinking that I might just go with the two SVS and put the HSU downstairs in my 2.1 setup. My questions are:

1) given that I usually don't exceed 85 or 90 DB for my output requirements, and the volume of the room being what it is, would the two SVS be sufficient?;

And, 2) given the layout of the room, I am thinking of putting the TV in front of that window. The back wall in the room does not go all of the way across so I think the spacing on the left and right front towers would be funky. I'm totally okay with the television blocking the view out the window as it will be a dedicated room and I'll have blackout curtains. I'm thinking that the 16 feet in length of the room will work out better since I have two rows of seating.



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