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piet verbeeten

<font color='#000000'>Hello, my name is piet verbeeten, i'm from the netherlands and i need some advise.I'm going to set up a new HT for myself and i'm thinking about Yamaha dsp-az1 amplifier with Yamaha 2300 dvd player.As speakers i'm intrested in Polk LSi serie.With main LSi 25.Any comments, advise to do or not to do are welcome since i'm not that experienced.
Thank's for your attention and answer's.</font>


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You are getting a nice setup. I have the DSP AZ-1 myself. For speakers and sub, audition Yamaha's excellent NS-300 or NS8-HX and for sub their awesome YST-1500 or 800.

Other speakers to consider are Magnepans and Cantons. They blend nicely with the Yamaha sound.</font>
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