New Focal Aria 906 $399 each



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That is the same price as the open box ones here:

I think it is good odds that you could call them up and point this out and get the open box ones for $700/pr.
No guarantees, but if I was ready to buy for $800/pr, I would surely give it a shot!


Oh man, that's such a good price for those!
It really is considering so many places still want $1500-$2000 a pair, but even better and not so long ago they were offering a free pair of the matching stands with speaker purchase at the regular $1000 pr.
The stands run $300 new and I saw $250 for open box.

I’d of made you a better deal on my 906’s if I had jumped on the Electra 1008 be I’ve been eyeballing but I went with the Vento Reference 9.2 dc
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