New cabnets in HT room. Possibly a new bass concern



Those of you who have cabinets on the same wall as your sub/s. Can you share your pros/cons here? Or tips?
It would be nice to know what I might be getting myself into with my new Wetbar project.
My room's a little unusual perhaps. But again some bass properties remain true/ common for most of us who have a similar situation.
I'll clarify mine below. Hopefully someone has some experience in this to chime in.
The new setup will remain the same with 4 subs (one in each corner). With a 7ft ceiling the width is 12ft and length is 32ft.
The back (12ft) wall is planned for an 8ft cabinet with 2ft on either side left open to keep the rear subs on the back corners.
I certain this might pose new challenges. But believe ot or not. This setup (originally) works well for me. And the room is to narrow to consider the back subs on the side walls.
I might have some ideas of my own. But wanted to see what you guys think.
One option is to Place isolation panels such as 2 layers of cement board between the subwoofer and cabinet nearby.
The other option is to relocate the subwoofers. 8 feet from the back wall and 2 feet from each sidewall and faced right behind the second row seats. This is a plus for the rear seating, however those seats don't get used that often. And it might be jeopardizing my main seating bass levels.

To some extent, whatever ends up being the arrangement I go with. I do have Room EQ Wizard to maximize my potential. And I will be fastening and sealing these cabinets from any potential vibrations at the seams.

I will try to follow-up with pictures or skeches to give you a visualization of my plans.
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What is your particular concern with the cabinets?


well. the subs will put out a lot of bass energy. I want to know what people do to reduce or control the negative sound attributes with having cabinets beside them. I don't see my file attachment here. I thought I attached a pic of the proposed design. I will try to post one again.
From my understanding and experiences. When you close things in near or around speakers; you will change the sound performance outcome to some degree.
I would like to know if others who have a wet bar in their Home Theater room. If they were able to have favorable results with the cabinets they have. For instance. Did the home owner do something to the cabinets (such as extra caulking around seams end joints. And other practices to enhance or avoid sound anomalies.


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