New Active DSP Speakers Rixos by Anthony Grimani



Audioholics Master Chief
Grimani Systems, cofounded by respected home theater expert Anthony Grimani, has launched two new high-performance on-wall/in-wall speakers. The Rixos-L ($8,200 each) is the new flagship of the company’s slim Rixos series, while the Rixos-H ($3,900 and up) is a horizontal center-channel speaker that can be custom-built to match the width of a TV. Both are active, DSP-controlled speakers that utilize Grimani Systems’ signature Conic Section Array Waveguide.

Because we have such powerful DSP built into our speaker, we can optimize our drivers for low distortion, high efficiency, and power handling, and not concern ourselves so much with box tuning and frequency response. We have all the signal processing we need to linearize the drivers’ response while keeping the size of the cabinet down. Ultra low distortion, ultra linear frequency response, high efficiency, and high power handling give Grimani Systems loudspeakers unrivaled clarity and naturalness of sound with all the dynamic punch you could ask for.
— Grimani Systems


Rixos Speakers by Grimani Overview

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