Hi All,
Just purchased a new 65" tv and I had hoped to ditch the apple tv box that connected my surround sound system to Spectrum cable box and old Samsung. How do I connect my JVC surround sound to new tv and Spectrum cable box? Do I still have to use the little salad plate sized switching box for optical sound? Ugh. I love this stuff when it works.


Seriously, I have no life.
Maybe if you provided more information, such as the make/model of all gear involved and how you're connecting it. I wouldn't give up a separate streaming box like ATV for apps in a smart tv, tho.


Audioholic General
Usually we connect everything through HDMI to the receiver. However, I'm going to hazard a guess that what you've got is an old JVC all in one surround "system" that doesn't have many inputs and that is why you went through optical? If that's the case your options will be limited.

I agree with @lovinthehd with regards to not relying on the smart tv apps. They are generally going to be slower than a separate streamer and not as well supported. Especially agree that we need more information in order to really be able to help you.

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