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Hello i am new to the GREAT forum and need advice in my choice in an upgrade HT! :D My two choices that i like are the TX-SR601 and the tx-sr502. Are there any real differences in these two?? I know the 600 series has more power but the dac setting look different on two channel but look the same at 5 channels as the 502. I will listen to some music but mostly DVD DD and DTS!! I am running JBL speakers all the way around.. Thank you for your help..


Onkyo and JBL - a combination I've had for years and I like it. There are only a few diffs between the 502 and 601. I have a 502.

1. You are correct in that the 502 has 96kHZ DACS on all channels. The 601 has 192kHZ dacs on most channels and I think 96kHZ on the surround channels (see the manual on Onkyo website for the exact config).

2. The 601 has zone2 capability (stereo only) and On Screen Display for the menu, the 502 does not but it has the same menu system - just accessible from the front panel only.

3. I believe the 601 does not allow individual speaker distances for each front and rear speaker - the 502 does.

4. The 601 can upconvert composite to s-video, the 502 cannot.

5. The 502 has DPLIIx and DTS 96/24 decoding. The 601 does not have DPLIIx.

6. The 601 is 85wch, the 502 75wch - an insignificant difference.

If you don't really need composite to s-video conversion and don't care for zone2, the 502 is better in my opinion.

The 602 and 702 are supposed to be available in August and supposedly will add alot of new features.


Wow cool thank you so much!! This is what i am looking for thank you once again!! :D

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