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Hi all, this is my first post. I own a company (I'm the only employee L.O.L) and I do new construction prewiring ie; telephone, comp networks, and CATV. I just landed a job today to install a whole house audio system. The house is finished so already wired. I have some knowledge of audio, but not tons. Learn quickly though.
My customer has everything wired back to the entertainment center in the livingroom. Here is the layout.
Surround sound for livingroom is home run back to the entertainment center. The volume control box in the kitchen has 1-2 pair speaker cable running back to the ent. center. and 2- 1 pair speaker cable running to each of the two speakers in the kitchen. The deck also has 2 wall mount speaker locations with identical wiring scheme. The master bedroom has a different scenerio. in the volume control box there are 3- speaker cables, 2 cables go to each of the 2 wall mount speakers, and one goes to a single ceiling mount speaker in the master bath. There are also 2- 2 pair speaker cables running back to the entertainment center.
The customer would like to be able to switch sources in the master bedroom. Could someone be nice enough to walk me through this installation. Keep in mind, speakers, volume controls, and so on are not installed yet. All I have are wires run by the customer during prewiring. Thanks a bunch, Bobby... :confused:


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Might be able to help

I might be able to help but could you send me a diagram of the set up...

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