Need DVD player recs for DLP T.V.



I just purchased the 50" Samsung DLP and am looking for recommendations on a complementary DVD player.
I'd like to keep the price around $400.

The Samsung DVI seems an obvious choice. However, I only have one DVI input on the set so using HD satellite would require a switchbox (is that available, and if so, where)?

Any other choices? The Denons seem to get a lot of good press in general.
I bought the tele at BestBuy and they don't seem too knowledgeable about their own inventory. They essentially advised me to pick a model that had agreeable aesthetics.

Having SACD & DVD-A capability is a bonus, but by no means necessary. I hardly have time to listen to music with 2 little ones running around and usually resort to the digital music through my cable. I figure I could always add one down the line.

thanks in advance.


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Depends on your budget. I think a Panasonic would be the best choice out of the mass market DVD Players. Haven't directly compared all the models available though, so I can't say which is truly the best performing of them all. There's the Pioneer DV-563 if you want DVD-A and SACD playback. Otherwise if you want a better performing DVD player to better match your high performance TV, then a Denon player such as the 2200 or the 2900 would be a good choice and feature DVD-A & SACD for when you get into that in the future.


You want a DVD Player with an HDMI Output

I am in the same boat as you. I just purchased the Samsung HLP6163W and the Samsung SIR-TS360 HDTV Satelite Tuner. The tuner has a DVI output to the TV so this leaves the HDMI on the TV open.

I was told that with a upconverter, you cannot really tell the difference between the component connection and the HDMI connection so unless you want All Digital Connections, you do not really need to spend the extra money on a DVD Player with and HDMI output.

With that said, the HD-941 will be available from Samsung very soon. This player should have everything you want for less than $400. If you are willing to spend a little more, the Denon 2910 looks really good but will cost around $600.

Can anyone tell me their opinion on on whether or not the Denon would be a better buy than the Samsung? My audio receive will be a Denon 2805 or 3805.


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However, the Samsung HD-941 upconverts to 720p and 1080i, has HDMI, (with DVI converter thrown in),has the same Faroudja Decoding Engine's the kicker...plays DIVX :p


I just bought the 56" Samsung DLP a few months ago, as soon as it was available.

The Samsung TV's made after about July/August do the up-conversions automatically. That was one of the 3 big changes in these TVs.

I think. I'm new to this stuff....

(I'm also likely to get the 2805 amp without knowing much about it...)

ps: Denon told me they would add HDMI to their top two amps this spring.
"Our new top of the line receiver will have this type
of connection and it will be out next month (November). Early
next year we will introduce a new second in the line
which should have this connection capability as well."
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