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Hi everyone,

I will moving into my new condo soon. Space isnt that big & I want to make sure I build my system optimally. I have attached the layout below. This HT will be setup in my living room, it measures W:3m by L:5m & H:2.8m. My living room layout doesn't provide the wall space to mount 7.1.2 or .5.1.4. So I will stick with 5.1 - the mains will be floor standers & the 2 surrounds will be wall mounted on the back walls. I read another site, as getting too big speakers is also not a good thing as it will create distortion. One suggestion I came across was not to have my floorstanders more than 1/2 the height of my floor to ceiling. So it looks like I need to get speakers that are 1.4m & below.

Also to note as you can see from the layout the accoustics aren't the most ideal. The balcony side is open with full glass sliding doors & on the right is also open leading to the dry bar. The left speaker is tricky as will be very close to the rear (abt 36cm space ) & side wall (abt 13 cm space).

As for usage, I will be 60:40 music & movies. I am moving towards digital, so I will be looking at a premium streamer that plays HiFi quality (for eg: TIDAL or QOBUZ). I don't limit music genre to 1 type, but I select songs that bring out character of the speakers, but I do have a prefence for Jazz & I love Dave Brubeck's Take Five. Also to note, I don't have the luxury of blasting my music, so it has to be a nice level to have that clarity but not have my neigbours come knocking on my door. I think -30 db to -28db. For movies, I will be playing off my NAS or Netflix UltraHD etc.

That's all I can think of. My budget is open but within reason. I'm really looking forward to some of the advise from the gurus on this forum.

TIA. :)


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