Need advice on buying new headphones.



Hello guys!

I own a pair of AKG K271 MKII, they sound good, but they are not very comfortable if I wear them for longer periods of time and also there is also a problem with hearing fatigue.
I was looking to buy some new comfortable headphones for under 200€ and I came across BEYERDYNAMIC Custom One Pro-s, as it's pointed out in many reviews that you can easily wear them for hours, design is great and they apparently sound good too!

I have some questions before I make a purchase:

-Would you pay 130€ for these if you had K271 MKII already?
-Are they going to be an upgrade in terms of sound compared to my K271 MKII?
-What do you recommend for under 200€ and should I even "upgrade"?

I really appreciate your response!


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I have never had a headphone that was comfortable after long periods. What I do is take a piece of fabric and wrap it would some cotton and and then stitch it like a pillow around the headband. AKG is a good brand, so I would just modify that set to make it comfy. Look around at headphone headband padding, you can buy padding for the headband to make the headphones more comfortable.


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I would avoid the Custom version and get these instead I have not heard the K271 but I can say from my own experience that the comfort is really important factor in headphones. I personally like DT990 sound signature but don't own a pair yet at least. Currently I have these at office and like them a lot but for home use I would pick DT990 for the sound.
Another great option for home use are theseßender-matt-ivory-Weiß/dp/B01L1IICR2/ of course it would be best if you can listen headphones first and see what you personally like most.


Hi, I would suggest Audio Technica ATH-M50x. They provide good quality on a really decent price
Pedro Alvarado

Pedro Alvarado

I've worn my bose qc15 for 9 hours with no fatigue or discomfort. they are dated now but i still like them.

there is no option to use them without the active noise canceling though. this results in lower volume listening since all you hear is whatever you play through them.


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nah, I think it depends a bit on your ear form
More people find them uncomfortable than comfortable. Assuming he was buying online it is a lot safer to buy other suggested cans for comfort. Also he found K271 MKII uncomfortable and they share similar can design.

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