Nakamichi 7.1 vs JBL 5.1 bar v Klipsch Cinema 600 vs Polk Signa S2 vs Bose Soundbar 300: Best Soundbar+Sub combo for living room?



We've been using a B&W Zeppelin Air for a decade with our TV. Recently got a projector and exploring a soundbar+sub combo to add to the projector.

Space (living room): ~12x20ft.
Budget: Like to keep it ~$600 or so, can go lower. Don't want to go higher since we don't have a dedicated HT room.

Currently trying out a Polk Signa S2 - it's not bad, but doesn't have the full sound our B&W Zeppelin does. Long time B&W fan but not looking to spend $1200 on the B&W soundbar or $1800 on
their MT-50 system.

Not looking for a full setup - want to optimize space, which is why I'm looking at a soundbar.

Question to all the experts here - which other soundbar can I get in this price range that will not be a letdown compared to the B&W? I'm considering JBL bar 5.1, Klipsch Cinema 600, and Bose 300. Any views on these, or any other recommendations will be much appreciated!

Edit: Also looking at Nakamichi 7.1 SSE. Anyone have experience with it?
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