Nakamichi 7.1 vs JBL 5.1 bar v Klipsch Cinema 600 vs Polk Signa S2 vs Bose Soundbar 300: Best Soundbar+Sub combo for living room?



We've been using a B&W Zeppelin Air for a decade with our TV. Recently got a projector and exploring a soundbar+sub combo to add to the projector.

Space (living room): ~12x20ft.
Budget: Like to keep it ~$600 or so, can go lower. Don't want to go higher since we don't have a dedicated HT room.

Currently trying out a Polk Signa S2 - it's not bad, but doesn't have the full sound our B&W Zeppelin does. Long time B&W fan but not looking to spend $1200 on the B&W soundbar or $1800 on
their MT-50 system.

Not looking for a full setup - want to optimize space, which is why I'm looking at a soundbar.

Question to all the experts here - which other soundbar can I get in this price range that will not be a letdown compared to the B&W? I'm considering JBL bar 5.1, Klipsch Cinema 600, and Bose 300. Any views on these, or any other recommendations will be much appreciated!

Edit: Also looking at Nakamichi 7.1 SSE. Anyone have experience with it?
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I realize many people would sneer at a Bose soundbar, but you can get a Smart Soundbar 300 and bass module for under $800, and it is passable for the time being. I also owned a Denon receiver, two Martin Logan towers, a large ML center channel speaker, and HSU subwoofer. This was set up in a similar sized room with 16 ft ceilings. It was taken down due to Hawaiian Electric degrading various pieces. Zaire has better electric power than our 50th state. After listening to the base Bose soundbar with The Joker Blu-ray disc on a 65" Sony tv, I was impressed enough with the sound to keep the Bose connected to the setup. I used to be a snob like everyone else, and would have gotten a Nakamichi if my setup were limited to a soundbar and a mini-subwoofer. (Remember, I always have a backup plan to the backup plan. Most things in life are a letdown from B&W or Nakamichi). Let your wallet and your wife decide. It is very hard to audition any system in a store, so buy from a place with liberal return policies.

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