My lil System. What do you think

Rowdy S13

Rowdy S13

Audioholic Chief
Hey guys Im obiously new here and am looking forward to getting a lot of good advice and knowledge from this site and this forum. I was wondering what people thought of my system. This is my first home theater set up.
The Componets.
Reciever: Integra DTR-5.4
DVD Player: Integra DPS-5.5
CD Player: Integra CDC-3.4

Fronts: Infinity Primus 250
Front Center: Infinity Beta C250
Rear: Infinity Primus 150
Rear Center: Infinity Primus C25
Sub: Definitive Technologies Pro Sub 80

Interconects: Blue Jean Cable
Speaker Wire: Monster Cable XP
Optical cables: Monster Interlink Lightspeed 200

Stands: Omni mount (rear and rear center)
Speaker Terminals: Reciever-Monster quick lock Banana clip. Speaker-Monster quick lock Spade

And thats it. The reason I dont have better speakers is because I almost positive that they will get screwed up being in my house. I have a family that dosent respect other peoples stuff so I plan on up grading when I move out. Thats also the reason for the Eh speaker wire. I didnt want to buy awsome cable in the lenghts I need now to have to replace them as soon as I move cause the lenghts wouldnt be corect. Well that about it let me know what you all think.

Rowdy S13

Rowdy S13

Audioholic Chief
Sorry I forgot about pics. As soon as I get my digital camera back from my friend Ill post some up. Thanks for the compliment


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