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The new Carmen Gomes recording;
DXD studio master; Carmen Gomes Inc. Up Jumped The Devil; Discovering the Music of Blues Legend Robert Johnson
starts out with a low 27.5hz A on the down tuned double bass. The album is incredibly well recorded and an absolute joy to listen to as well.
Highly recommended.
The album got very well written article feature;
....."This is some of the best sounding drum sound I have ever heard on a recording. Very dynamic and not reserved. The sound of the double bass is full, rich and powerful where needed but with no hint of bloat. And the guitar.....It is clear and reverberant. Naturally, not with added reverb. Of course, the vocals are captured beautifully. Carmen is right there in front of you. This recording doesn’t take you to the recording studio. Even better, it brings the recording studio to your listening room. Very few studio recordings do this. The drums to the left, Carmen in the middle in front of the instruments and the bass just to the right of her and the guitar to the right side of the soundstage. The sound is totally three dimensional. You almost feel like you can reach out and touch everyone. The sound is totally open with natural decay and depth. It is stunning. It really is. No hyperbole."....
read full review here;Sound Liaison One Mic + Recording

The Carmen Gomes album is a "ONE MIC PLUS" recording but the little label just released a pure "One Mic" recording with Michael Moore and Paul Berner;
The combination of the C700S microphone and the ears and expertise of engineer Frans de Rond, ensures perfect imaging, great sense of depth, superior realism and complete phase coherence.
I love the result. There is in my opinion a no better tool for optimizing speaker placement and finding the optimal listening position, than a One Microphone recording done with the C700S.



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The above album got awarded the album of the year award;


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The new Carmen Gomes Inc. album does also exist in an experimental 768kHz master made from the analog Studer A80b tape recorder;
The album received a glowing review in P.F. :

Positive Feedback - A Creative Forum for the Audio Arts
Review of Carmen Gomes - Ray!

With the wonderful lead vocals of Carmen Gomes, the Carmen Gomes Inc. band delivers an album I find totally engaging from start to finish.
They make these songs completely their own while honoring the great Ray Charles in so doing.

Sound Liaison's recordings continue to impress me with their very clean, transparent, and precisely localized sound.
Recording engineer Frans de Rond's signature is readily apparent in the purity of sound and precise placement of performers that he achieves in this multi-microphone studio recording. If you've heard his 'One Mic' recordings on Sound Liaison, you will know how special his recordings can be.
I was a bit hesitant at first knowing this would be a multiple microphone outing. But, he pulls it off superbly in a highly phase coherent, tightly knit, outcome that belies it's multi-mic roots.
As with his other recordings, this displays great depth, and almost physically palpable placement of the musicians in the soundstage.
On making this album, Peter Bjørnild (bassist) writes;
"We quickly realized that we did not want to make a tribute album. Rather we would pay our respects to Ray by following the advice Ray gave to Willie Nelson at a recording session: 'Don’t think about how anybody else does it, just do it the way that YOU feel it.'
So we took the songs back to their bare essentials, tried to hear them as if they had just been written and in so doing made them our own."
And a fresh sound they indeed deliver.

This is their music, with a nod to the master here and there. Never over-produced, always respecting each other, the musicians find a nice balance of supporting each other, challenging each other, complementing each other, never stepping on one another.
The song that I most enjoyed on my first listen was 'CC Rider' by Ma Rainey and Lena Arant (circa 1924, also known as 'See See Rider Blues').
As Bjørnild comments in the liner notes, "Here Tettero’s guitar is the 2nd protagonist in this story of a love affair taking a wrong turn. The guitar is of equal importance to Gomes’ voice, it’s the CC Rider Carmen is singing about. Listen how they keep on challenging each other yet never get in each other's way. That kind of communication and musical empathy is a rare find."
A rare find indeed. And a rare treat to hear. Highest recommendation."

Rushton Paul, December 28, 2021


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