Music Server--should I get one?



I am currently building a house and setting up a full theater system and would like to be able to access all my music through out the house. I've had several vendors propose a Music Server ala the Elan VIA!dj. First of all the price of this thing kills me. They want to charge $3600 for server alone. I like the fact that you can skip songs, change CD's, access different sources of music etc... remotely without having to run up to the area that will house all the major components. The part that is bothering me is that it comes with 120 GB hard drive. I currently have a 120 GB hard drive in my PC that is 80% full with just mp3's. Then I have another 300 cd's, most of which are not part of 100 GB's. I feel that ultimately I will be confined by the 120 GB hard drive and will have to start figuring out which music to remove when I add another CD or set of MP3's. Today I listen to all of my music on my computer. If I run out of space then I can add a 3rd hard drive for $200.

So my question is, how can I get the functionality of a music server and just keep my music on my PC? The PC will not be in the rack with the other components. It will be at my desk with an ethernet connection to a router on my home network.

Thanks in advance for any help!
If you use an Integra product that has Net-Tune you'll be able to serve up audio from your PC and play it in your home theater system. They also have plenty of client systems to allow you to network that playback capability throughout your home.

I'd recommend Yamaha's MusicCast system (definitely better than the system you mentioned) but you are still pegged to the available hard drive size.


Thjanks for the reply.

I checked out their website. I read about a new Onkyo receiver that has Net Tunes and an ethernet jack. Any idea on how the Integra or Onkyo units compare with Yamaha RX-V1400 or the Denon 3805 or the Anthem AVM 20?

Isn't the MusicCast a music server? I don't really want to buy a music server though I did like the functionality when you were in a different room. If I could duplicate that remote functionality with my existing computer and a receiver which I have to buy anyway Then I would take the savings and put towards something else.

Also, how reliable is the wireless MusicCast System? I think I would prefer wired.


Yamaha hard drive upgradeability

Just paid a visit to Tweeter and was told they would upgrade the HD to a 250 gig unit for the cost of the HD-about $200 dollars at BBuy.They would also do it on the spot.I suspect one can do it oneself as it is probably pretty easy.This is interesting since it would allow CD quality recording for a very large amount of songs,at least realative to the stock HD that comes with the unit.


Answer to your music problem

You are right on the the via dj music server. It really doesn't make sense when you can purchase a hell of a pc for $3600. We just moved into our home and I purchase the elan system 6, but I had them run wire from my pc in my office to the system 6. The music is now and input or selection from any wall or my via in the kitchen. It works flawlessy, I don't know what I would gain with a server except art work?

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There are solutions other than an expensive systems mentioned. Onkyo with Net-Tune is one option but then you must use their server software and their client interface for managing the songs. I've seen mixed reviews of that.

IMO, the better solution is to use a stand-alone device like Turtle Beach Audiotron. You can keep all of your files on your pc where they should be and can easily upgrade the hard drive in your pc if necessary. The audiotron simply connects to your network and appears as just another computer on the network. The Audiotron also connects to your receiver via analog or digital (optical) cables.

Unfortunately the Audiotron is discontinued and hard to find right now. Turtle Beach was supposed to come out with a new version but dropped plans for it. Speculation is they may revive it in the future. Nonetheless, there are many other competing devices that do the same thing but maybe aren't as polished or flexible as the audiotron.

The SliMP3/Squeezebox is probably 'second best' compared to the audiotron.


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wireless streeming

just stream your music wirelessly...iTunes can do this and there are now adaptors for your Reciever to stream it wirelessly

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