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Back in February I acquired an OPPO UDB-205. I purchased it to enjoy multi-channel SACDs. I later learned I could enjoy multi-channel downloads via OPPOs network connection and its front panel usb port.. The usb port is able to play multi-channel gaplessly, while the network connection is not able to play music gaplessly. At any rate, this discovery made me think I could now enjoy multi-channel downloads, which lead to another discovery, Acoustic Sounds on-line music download service and their catalog of multi-channel classical music from The Seattle Symphony Orchestra. Not inexpensive at $29.99 per album I was somewhat leery about downloading, but, I thought what the heck, I might as well try it out, which I did, downloading The Firebird. WOW! I have heard many stereo versions of this piece but this multi-channel version is the Mac Daddy. The point being, if you have gapless multi-channel playback capability and you enjoy classical, ya might want to explore the Seattle Symphony Orchestra FLAC or DSD downloads from Acoustic Sounds.
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