Motorized Volume Control Sony STR-D365 Won't Spin


Sony STR-D365

I've got a Sony STR-D365. Everything works except the motorized volume control. When I try to increase or decrease the volume with the remote I hear the motor spin but it does not move the knob (thus does not change the volume). I can adjust volume manually, just can't do so with the remote.

The remote does work. The motor is simply not connected to the potentiometer so while I can hear it (the motor) spin it doesn't move the knob and thus doesn't change the volume. If I want to change the volume I have to move it manually with the knob.

How hard is it to fix this problem?
Is the potentiometer driven by a belt from the motor or is there a direct connection to the motor?
How do I go about repairing or do I need to order an entire new motor/pot unit?

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