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It’s a personal preference regarding how many speakers/subs we want to fit in our rooms. No right or wrong, just curious.

Of course, the size of the speakers and subs and placements (on floor vs on wall vs ceiling) also make a significant difference.

If each speaker is a 60”-70” tower or each sub measures 24” wide, fitting them into the room will be more interesting.

And having speakers and subs in-wall, on-wall, in-ceiling and in-cabinet definitely makes it easier to fit more speakers in the room.

For a 20’ room, I can see going with 5.x.4 or 7.x.4.

Depending on the size of the speakers, I just think it’s overkill doing 9.x.6 in a 20’ room if using bigger speakers.
You are correct of course that it is a choice how many speakers in a room. But with compact capable speakers it is doable... My room is roughly 23'x14' and am running 9.4.7 (LCR/FW/SR/SB, 4 subs, and 6 tops and also a CH. JBL 708p for LCR (Probably will do all bed channels with 705p/i or 708p/i. Tops are in ceiling SCL-8 with offset waveguide Not that I'm interested in running actual reference level, but the 708p, even at its size will do reference level at something like 12-14 feet when crossed at 80hz. 708's are just 17.25 x 9.75 x 11.5 in and the 705's are just 10.5 x 5.875 x 8.125. If my room was smaller, or had just 1 row of seating 7.4.4 would have been the choice. But I really like FW and 6 tops on well recorded Atmos or upmixed DTS Neural X in my particular room.

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