Monoprice 15" Ported Subwoofer Beast @ CEDIA 2016



Audioholics Master Chief

WE got a chance to look at the new 15" Ported sub from Monoprice at CEDIA 2016. This thing is a beast. It has a very high end TC Sounds 15" driver in a large slot loaded ported enclosure and 1200 watt DSP controlled amp with 5 band PEQ functionality. This baby was shaking the showfloor. They claim it hits 122dB at 20Hz at 2m CEA 2010 burst. It weighs about 200 lbs and their target price is under $1,200.

Check out our little CEDIA video teaser:

More details will be coming...




Audioholic Field Marshall
Sounds like a beast indeed! Monoprice has started to pull out some insteresting products lately..


Speaker of the House
The 2 m CEA-2010 measurement of 122 dB at 20 Hz is certain to be a mistake. That would put it equal to the JTR Captivator 4000 ULF or the Danley DTS-10 with LMS drivers on a 12 kW amplifier. When I WinISD model the TC Sounds LMS-R 15", which the Monoprice sub looks to be using, in a very generous enclosure tuned to 18 Hz, I can't get anywhere near what they are claiming, not even with a gigantic cabinet and porting. Looks to me like a measurement mistake, which can be easy to do in CEA-2010 testing, if you aren't scrupulous about the testing procedure.

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