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won;t be scaring any of you guys, but it might have been a while since you;ve seen the speakers... all prices USD at time of purchase

Infinity SM150 mains (19 years old, 85 pounds with a 15 inch main driver, not much need for a sub) ($ 400 each)
Infinity Alpha 37 center (also a heavy SOB, had to bridge it to keep the top of the TV from sagging) ($ 420, now a much better deal at $ 250)
Mitsu WS-55859 55 inch silver series integrated HDTV (shoulda sprung for the plat series, wayyyy too much glare in the afternoons) ($ 3000)
Infinity Alpha 10's hung from the roof behind the sofa for 5.1

rack, from the top down
Monster HTS 2600 power distribution ($ 200)
Pioner CLD S201 laser disk ($ 200)
Mitsu DD6030 progressive scan DVD ($ 140)
Toshiba M60 VHS (about $120)
Sony STRDE-995 7.1 receiver (about $ 380)

trying to decide whether or not to feed the caddyshack gopher into the system...

the rabbit ears pick up 12 air-broadcast HDTV channels (including 6 I can;t get from Cox Cable). all connections are Acoustic Research Master Series or Series 2.

the speaker wires are 12 gage Axiom which was about $ .85 per foot, using pin clips for the old spring connectors on the 150's, plain wire on all other connections


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