MKV ripped DVD Does Not Pause and Resume


Laz Baz

My set up: MKV Ripped DVDs stored on External HD connected to laptop. Laptop, Onkyo AVR and Panasonic Blue Ray player connected to Onkyo via HDMI all connected to TPLink. Onkyo connected to Samsung TV via HDMI,
Playing ripped DVDs via Serviio Media Server on DLNA, when paused, it does not resume play. I have to stop it and start the from beginning again.
Real pain!
Where does the fault lie?
1. Ripping
2. Panasonic
3 Onkyo
4. Samsung TV or
5. Serviio
Any help would be most appreciated.


Audioholic Field Marshall
By how it sounds I would guess the cause is Serviio.


Audioholic Spartan
I agree. You should try playing it back with a different player, like VLC, and see if you have the same issue with pause. I've never used Serviio, and if it is an app that runs on your Blu-ray Disc player, then there's no way I would recommend using it over just plugging in the laptop and playing the videos back directly.


Audioholic Ninja
DLNA is really the issue here. It's fine, but not nearly as good as something that can play things back natively.

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