Mirage M5si Placement Questions



I am thinking about getting the Mirage M-5si as my first serious speakers (for classical and vocal jazz). I have read the manual and some owners' online posts, and watched some youtube videos.
1) How big a room has to be to take advantage of these speakers? The manual says the room size doesn't really matter in the "net sound reproduction" (no square rooms though) but owners say they need a lot of space.
2) I have bookshelves along one wall, do I still have to keep them 3 feet away from the shelves? Or they work better with bare walls only? Most youtube videos show that people placed the speakers very close to walls, maxium 1 foot maybe.
3) I have Technics SA-550 with 70 watts per channel. Is this receiver powerful enough? In fact, I don't like playing music loudly. Are these speakers good for low to medium volume listening? Owners of these speakers seem to have dedicated listening rooms while I don't.
4) How far the listening seat should be from the speakers? The manual only says two meters between the speakers may be best.
Thank you for your help.
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