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Miami Vice surprised me by being a "straight shooter" in the midst of a series of campy remakes that poked fun at their counterparts. As far as the technological side of the DVD, this is by far the most advanced HD DVD I've yet encountered. If you want to know what the menu system of an HD DVD can do, Miami Vice shows off quite a few of the features. The picture is beautiful, even though much of it is dark and shot in the evening when grain tends to creep into the film.

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Ah Crockett and Tubbs! Those were the days, shoot-outs in the middle of the day in packed malls, dead bodies everywhere, bowls of coke in nightclub's mens and ladies rooms. More exotic cars than you could count in a day. Bales of MariaJuana dropping from the skies (literally), Miami was a live video game back then and as The Godfather was reportedly the mob's favorite movie, Miami Vice was the Cocaine Cowboy's intellectual brain feed. It was aired on Friday night and few undesireables that I knew wouldn't sport their Brionis and Ferragamos untill the show was over, then they hit the clubs. There were so many Tony Montanas here that the Pacino character became a moniker for anyone involved in the trade. I remember when the first Grand Prix of Miami was held in the streets of downtown and Crockett and Tubbs rode their fake Ferrari Daytona (Corvette) down the impromptu racetrack waving while the fans booed and waved their middle fingers at them, the thought of driving around in a fake Daytona, soon after they switched to a Testarossa. That was the real Miami Vice.

Dolby CP-200

LOL I can feel it in the air tonight.:D

I still own the DVD and pleased with the look of the use of camera photography that was used for Mann’s last feature “Collateral.” Dolby six-track was deep and rumbling with car rides the odd bump that creates that illusion as if the vehicle just went over a speed bump at the airport.

The ending I don’t what to talk about that it left me disappointed with an abrupt ending, thou I liked the end credits in Dolby and played Moby in A&B mode repeat for well over an hour.

So next time please a better ending please!:)

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