Meridian DSP3200 Digital Active Speakers and Audio Core 200 Preview



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Meridian Audio has announced the introduction of two new products, the DSP3200 Compact Digital Active Loudspeaker and the Audio Core 200 Stereo Audio Controller. The DSP3200 Digital Active Loudspeakers are elegant products that echo the lines of Meridian's flagship DSP8000 and are the most compact Meridian loudspeakers designed to date. Meridian's Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technologies deliver powerful, room-filling sound with the performance of a conventional system many times the size. Meridian SpeakerLink connectivity makes connecting the DSP3200 to the Audio Core 200 quick and easy. Featuring a wide-range driver that allows the DSP crossover frequency to be well outside the speech band, the DSP3200 delivers an effortless sound that remains clear, open and spacious, even at high listening levels. In addition to a perfect digital crossover system, the DSP3200's digital signal processing provides dynamic bass protection with accurate transients. DSP3200 loudspeakers always deliver quality sound – at high levels and for prolonged periods.

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