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Hello all! We are having a house built, and I need some feedback/assistance with an upstairs bonus room that will double as a playroom for my toddler and a movie room.

The room is the only room upstairs. The wife wants in wall speakers (besides the sub) because she wants to maximize the space the little toddler can run around in. I was able to grab a 110" Screen Innovations Zero Edge Pro - Black Diamond 1.4 gain for a good price and will use this as the screen. Now I'm on the search for some decent in-wall LCR's, projector, rear surrounds, sub, and avr. I can use attic space behind the wall where the screen is placed if needed for speakers that require extra depth. We are not going with theater seating but instead a large sectional.

The home builder just finished the framing, plumbing, and wiring. Next up is insulation, then sheetrock.

I had the builder pre-wire the room with the following:
  • 3 speakers on the front wall
  • 4 speakers in the ceiling for atmos
  • 2 speakers for rear surrounds.
  • 1 sub in the back corner (not in wall)
  • Projector 16' feet from screen wall
  • All wiring being fed to the storage closet next to the restroom.

I have 2 pair of Best Buys Sonance MAG6 that I'm hoping I can use for the 4 atmos speakers since they have no use right now.

I 'm looking for recommendations/options on what to do with the rest of the equipment (LCR's, rears, sub, projector, and AVR). I want to stay under 8k for the setup.

I'm attaching some pics of the framed room and a layout of the room so you can see what I'm working with. The plan is to get drapes/curtains to cover the windows, but eventually, we would like to get automatic blackout roller blinds.

Any other feedback is welcome.






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