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    Matt Jones
    Nov 11, 2017
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    Amp MC 7106 very good $2200
    Pre amp C 39. very good $1500
    Surround processor MAC 3 near mint $1250
    Left Right Center HT-1's good $180 each
    Floor bass HT-2 good $550

    Original boxes for the amp and pre the processor is missing the exterior box but still have the inner.
    All manuals two remotes

    Small chip top left corner glass on the amp
    Small chip back side of the glass top center pre amp
    Speakers cabinets have some blemishes and foam will need to be replaced

    What's missing
    This system had wall mounted tweeters that were left at the old house, passive bass that requires separate amp, also left.

    Overall, very good system, minor cosmetic flaws. Easily fixed and I'm pricing it so the buyer, if they choose, will have wiggle room to do so.

    Sold indidually or as a set. I am open to reasonable offers and will definitely come down for a buyer that takes all.

    Thanks for checking it out

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