Seriously, I have no life.
Playing some Real McCoy now....thanks for the memories, RIP.


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yep that’s the one thing Everyone has In common
It comes for us all.


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Yesterday was a bummer of a Sundae, with a very bitter and displeasing Cherry on top. :(

McCoy is a Treasure.
My early Jazz education was focused on the Saxophone and cats who weren't too Avant Garde for me to understand and emulate. So Hard Bop like Dexter Gordon's Blue Note work were the order. No worries. I loved Dex, and my natural sound on Tenor was a match for his.
It wasn't long before I started expanding my Jazz repertoire though and started listening to more: from Joe Henderson, Trane, Shorter... and with that, expanding my knowledge of the "sidemen."
Herbie Hancock was the first I started paying attention to with his 1962 Blue Note classic Takin' Off... with Dex and Watermelon Man. It wasn't much longer before I took that step that led to Coltrane during his early years with Impulse.
My world changed.

Tyner to me is like a Monet painting. You can see one gob of paint on the canvas, or you can step back. There is such beauty and intention in his work, that one note or the wash of minutes holds me in rapt attention, just like stepping back and seeing Water Lilies instead of a palette knife smear of paint. :)

I am not certain where this following journey deserves to begin. I hope it is worthy and that any friends, familiar or not, will explore it and rejoice!

Three Tyner originals:

Tyner as a sideman:

And one last... note:


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