Matt's new Channel, Come watch my house get built and my family lose their minds!

Matthew J Poes

Matthew J Poes

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Hi Everyone, I'm launching my own channel, or rather, using one I had for the first time ever, to post videos that aren't appropriate for the Audioholics channel. I know I have been MIA for a while, and this is why. I relocated to Florida recently and the disruption made it hard to continue making content for Gene. Now that the dust has settled and I am more stable, I will be producing much more content for both Audioholics and myself. The videos on my channel will largely be both personal and technical. That is, I will cover things related to designing and building our new home including the new home theater. I will also be covering technical topics in ways I want to cover them. For example, the soundproofing in this home theater will rely on some new techniques and products that are not widely used by others. I plan to spend far too much time discussing why I am doing what I am doing and how it works. To give you an idea, the outside walls of the theater will have an STC rating in excess of 75, among the highest achievable. While Green Glue will be used in parts of the build, the main thing I want to excite you about is that I will be making walls without the traditional decoupling methods, relying largely on traditional wood construction techniques and one specialized part. This keeps cost and complexity down, while having lab tested UL approved structures that outperform nearly anything else on the market. If you can put up a stud wall, you can handle this. If your contractor can put up a stud wall, he/she can handle this.

This first video is just an intro, nothing all that interesting, but it gives you a chance to see my two daughters and the dug up plot of land we are building our house on. Over the next 6 months this will look increasingly like "this old house" if Bob Vila built ultra modern homes with soundproof theaters.

The channel will also occasionally cover very nerdy acoustic topics or document experiments. Subscribe and like so I can justify making more conent.

For Gene, well, just wait. A lot more content is coming, with reviews and technical discussions for many new products.

In the mean time, please help me get to my first 1000 subscribers!


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Very good effort, Matthew!

However, I hope you just don't just start live-streaming in a drunken rage and end up saying a whole bunch of threatening and slanderous things that gets your channel taken down and puts you into legal trouble. But, as I think we both know, that is probably how this is going to end. I pray that it does not, even as I don't hold much faith that this Youtube channel won't end up in tears, fire, and agony.

May God be with you on your Youtube endeavors!


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Missed you Matt I have listened to your talks on AH yt like 10000 times


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The channel will also occasionally cover very nerdy acoustic topics or document experiments. Subscribe and like so I can justify making more conent.
Welcome back! Talking about experiments, I would love to see you do another one on comparing REQ, this time please include Audyssey XT32 and use the App with Ratbuddyssey, disable MRC and restrict it to below 300 Hz for comparison with Dirac Live and Anthem ARC please, using your listening window plots. I know you showed that it messed things up as found in your listening window plots but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't see such bad effects so I have to suspect it may have something to do with XT vs XT32 and the way I used it with the App+Rat.

If possible, I think many (judging by the perennial questions concerning different amps different sound, warm, clinical etc..) will be interested in a real DBT shoot out using amplifiers perceived to be "musical and/or warm" sounding yet specs and measurements don't support such claims if the DUTs being compared are used well below their limits. According to Dr. Toole, DBT is a must for comparing even loudspeakers, so it should be a must too to compare amplifiers too one would think. Oh yes, if such a difficult DBT session can be done, let's include a couple of the popular brands such as D,M,Y's and an Arcam and/or Anthem AVR too.

I have to ask because I really believe you are the one who could pull it off and do it in an unbiased way, and may even be able to get help from your friends, such as Gene, and/or even Dr. Toole and Olive. You probably can sell tickets to those interested in witnessing/participating in such a long overdue test. The only risk I see is, it may upset the boutique brand fans and some audiophiles.:D May be that's why no one in the business dare do such a thing in case the results show/prove.......;) I would think that such worry is likely unnecessary because I believe people will mostly continue to prefer what they prefer even if the truth hurts a little and they would be delighted if the truth is on their side. I have no doubt my separates don't sound any different than a little AVR for certain applications, yet I will buy another amp such as the AHB2 just because of its superior specs and measurements.

As an EE/audio enthusiasts, I am a little tired of seeing so many video these days yet few (just my opinion) contributed to debunking, or proving certain myths/hearsay based on known science. Dr. Toole and Olive might have prove something beyond doubt on speakers, that's about it.

The necessary instruments, accessories, hardware, and methodologies are there, as well as people with the skill set, but it just seem no one is interested, or as I suspect, dare doing it for some reasons (I can guess a few..).

I am not too hopeful, for the obvious reasons, but I have to try, and ask, because one never knows.

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