Marantz 7011 with no sound output when the source is an HDMI input


Vitor Almeida

My Marantz 7011 as no audio output, nor in the speakers, nor through the TV (HDMI output),when the signal input is through an HDMI input. No TV audio either in the speakers using ARC. The image is good but with any sound!
If the audio signal input is through the network (HEOS or other) or through the phono input the output sound is good.
If the power is off the sound and image are good in the TV (HDMI output) using the pass-through mode!
I did several restarts using the manual instructions’, I did a restart also after one day with the AVR disconnected from the power outlet and with no other cables connected to it, except the speakers’ ones.
I tried several HDMI inputs with several types of sources (Blue-ray, TV box, media player) and no sound, but normal image!
I tried all type of configurations I could remember and I noticed that things like the Audissey modes are not accessible in the menu that shows in the TV. The mobile phone app doesn't show the type of input signal or, by the way, the type of the output audio signal. It shows the type of video conversion in the menu in the TV.
My impression is that the HDMI input processing of the audio part is off!
Next week I am going to send it to where I bought it (Germany) to repair!

I also notice that it did a software update a few days before I noticed the lack of HDMI input sound (most of the time I use it in pass-through mode so I don't need to power it on every time I am viewing TV)!

Any suggestion to some type of test or action in the AVR to try to solve this situation?
Thank you!
Best regards
Vitor Almeida

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