Pat D

I must say this is not a very convenient way of accessing members' systems, for those who desire that.

Rotel RCD-965BX CD Player. Still tracks very well on the Pierre Verany Test CD.

Rega P3 Turntable.
Grace F9E Phono Cartridge

HK CD491 Cassette Deck. 3 Heads, dual capstan drive, mic inputs
Aiwa AD-F780. 3 head, dual capstan drive
Audio Technica AT813 mics
Radio Shack PZM mics

Quad 44 Preamplifier

Quad 606 Power Amplifier

PSB Stratus Mini loudspeakers

Paradigm PW-2500 15" Subwoofer
Mirage LFX-1 Electronic Crossover

Nondescript interconnects--Radio Shack, Walmart, came with products, etc.
Angstrom 12 gauge speaker cables

We have put the TV downstairs so it can't be hooked up to the system, so we don't have any HT system right now. Maybe in a few months.

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