Magnepan MMG Review



Audioholic Intern
Maggies are for the audiophile who lusts after extreme detail and presence rather than sheer volume and bass slam. They are NOT for everyone but if you ever wondered, “why can't I hear all the detail from my speakers that I can with my earphones?”, then Maggies are the speakers for you. It's the delicate and revealing detail that has sold me on my MMG's. It's hearing ALL the whisper-silent nuances that is the Zen of listening to Maggies. The presentation is natural and life-like. It's as close to having the performers in your listening room as I have ever heard.

The first time I listened to Coltrane’s “Blue Train” through the MMG’s, I couldn’t believe the realism of the presentation, especially the solos by Lee Morgan on Trumpet. The trumpet sounded…well…REAL! That’s the whole point to Maggies. They sound real.

I drive my 4 ohm Maggies with a Panny XR50, in 2 channel stereo only. This receiver’s digital amp has a punchy and highly detailed output that becomes black magic when paired up with the MMG's. The only caveat is placement. The speakers must but moved out at least 2' from any wall else output can become TOO bright. The receiver is rated at 100w/ch at 6 ohms. There is no mention of driving 4 ohm speakers by Panasonic but, as it turns out, it drives the Maggies in stereo mode easily. It barely gets warm. I’m not the only one driving MMG’s with a Panasonic receiver. Here’s a link to another recommendation:

Maggies are the Zen of loudspeakers. They are for listeners that want ALL the detail they can possibly get, with a very natural presentation.

Magnepan offers a 60 day no-questions-asked return policy on these. The best way to know if a particular speaker is for you is to try them in your home. Magnepan gives you that option.

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