Audioholic Chief
yeah i wish i had more cash. im a computer guy and know my way around computer parts. what i do when building a computer is i buy 1 thing thats really expensive, and then skimp/settled on the rest until i can upgrade. like my current setup, i started with a cheap I5 and a got dual gpus, ive sold gpus, upgraded to a more powerful single gpu, upgraded the cpu, upgraded the memory, storage, monitor all over the course of a year or so. thats what im hoping to do with my audio equipment. i wish i could spend 1500$ for a new audio system, but if i can buy parts 1 or 2 at a time and in the end have a nice system thats what i want do.
you need to be happy with what you have until your economic circumstances change

sorry, it's true


I would also be a little leery of splicing a powered sub into the connection where a passive sub was connected.

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