Looking to buy a new Denon AVR, advice needed[emoji16]



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Hiya folks

Finally got all my new stuff setup, just have to do my Audyssey calibrations when it’s quiet tonight..
(Only just Got my new BK XXLS400 FF sub this morning)

I live here in the UK

my full equipment list is below

My Denon AVR-X2200 has been really good since I bought it February 2016, I can’t fault it but wanting someat newer and a bit more powerful, I won’t be getting an 8K Television... my only complaint with my 2200 has been maybe the treble is a bit too much when listening to Music, probably an EQ or setting I’ve overlooked? Whatever new receiver I get I’m also worried about whatever I get to replace the 2200 will be running too hot! It will sit in my TV unit and there is plenty of ventilation to the rear and at the sides and about 3 inches above it...
(Never had any probs with the 2200 in this department)

(see pics of my setup and where my current AVR is)

I like to listen to Music CD’s 50% of the time, also watch a lot of Blu Ray Music Concert DVD’s and obviously lots of movies...

I’m currently running this speaker setup

2 x Floorstanders
1 x Centre
1 subwoofer
2 rear surrounds

The only addition I will make in the future will be another identical sub and 2 MA Bronze atmos speakers to sit on top of my floorstanders and maybe a stereo amp to connect to my AVR to run the 2 x floorstanders to give me a better music listening experience

I have no wish for anything else

I’ve been looking at a few AVR choices, my budget is not a lot as I can’t afford a new range high end Denon really

I’m Trying to find an AVR-X4500, there are a few used and ex demo open box ones for sale online, would this be a good choice and upgrade?
any overheating issues?

Also been looking at an AVR-X3600 and X3700, either of these may serve me well

My living room is 15ft 2” long by 12ft 2” deep

Marantz seem good too! But reading AudioReview forum, a lot of the time these seem to be mediocre sounding and use cheap DACS or have distortion issues? I basically fancy something a bit more Musical sounding but can’t afford the high end Denon or Marantz receivers


Panasonic TX-55CX802 Television
Amazon Fire TV Cube
Apple TV Box
Denon AVR-X2200W
Van Damme Hi Fi Speaker Cables
Monitor Audio Bronze 500 Floorstanders
(For Main front speakers)
Monitor Audio Bronze C150 Centre Speaker
Monitor Audio Bronze 50’s on stands
(For rear surrounds)
BK XXLS400 FF Subwoofer
Marantz CD63 MkII KI Signature CD Player
Pioneer BDP-180 Blu Ray Player
Sony PS4 Pro Games Console


Sony KD-55XF9005 Television
Yamaha YAS-103 Soundbar
Panasonic DMP-BDT380EB Blu Ray Player
Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

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