Looking for HiRes Portable for my car.



I looking to use a Hi Res portable music player as my primary music source for my Ford Fusion that I have recently gutted the stock audio system and installed a Pioneer DVD Head Unit, 5 Ch. Power amp and upgraded speaker system. The HU has 2-USB ports, 1-3.5mm port and 1-HDMI port.
I am currently using an iPod Classic loaded with Apple Lossless files which works pretty well, but does not handle HiRes and/or FLAC files. I considered using (and got for Xmas) the Fiio X3 but AFAIK it does not do what I would like, which is, digitally output tracks to the Pioneer HU along with tags/album art etc. I have not opened the box and tried it yet but after doing some additional research I'm pretty sure it only outputs through it's 3.5mm jack, which would input into the HU and be controlled by the player and not the HU. I would likely not even be able to skip tracks with the HU in this setup as all of the control would stay with the player.

My question is: Is there a HiRes portable player that will output digitally (w/USB?) to my Pioneer HU along with album art/tags etc. and allow me to control through the HU, that doesn't cost a fortune?

Thanks in advance.

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