Looking for feedback on AptX for bluetooth earbuds



Audioholic Field Marshall
My Jaybird X2 bluetooth earbuds crapped out, and I would rate them as just Ok sound wise.

I am looking for a solid pair of workout bluetooth earbuds (prefer wireless) and I have an Android Phone that has both AptX and AptX HD.

  1. Does anyone have experience compairing AptX earbuds vs traditional Bluetooth earbuds?
  2. I the sound quality noticeably better with AptX
Willing to spend up to 250 for a good set of workout earbuds, so I have considered Sony, Bose (yes I know), Jaybird Vista, Klipsch, Sennheiser, etc. and would appreciate any user expereince feedback.

  • RBHsound.com
  • BlueJeansCable.com
  • SVS Sound Subwoofers
  • Experience the Martin Logan Montis