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my room is 1755cubic feet (13' W x 15' L x 9' H} my front speakers are klipsch rp-8000 center is klipsch rp-404c and my side surrounds are klipsch rp-500sa and my 4 height speakers are klipsch rp-500sa, my front speakers are 46 1/2" from both side walls and 46" apart. i know its not ideal but with my bed and desk in there its the only spots i can have them. i sit roughly 10' away from center speaker. So i was looking for a decent subwoofer maybe a 10" sub any suggestion would be appreciated price range no more then 700$
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Well, 1755 cubic feet rather than inches :) How about a 12"? I'd look at Hsu, SVS to start, maybe the RSL Speedwoofer10s. Monolith 10" comes to mind, was just looking at one so here's a link https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=24456 Do you have a size limitation on the box?


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i have to place in between the front speakers
Unfortunately there's no guarantee that that will be a good spot. For that money though I'd lean toward a Hsu VTF2 to maximize your potential configurations and output.


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If you live in an apartment forget about subwoofers. Get a soundbar, or a decent pair of headphones.


well i guess its a toss up between pb-1000 pro, monolith 10 thx or the rsl speedwoofer 10
Go for the SVS. Should be pretty comparable to the Monolith and you get the peace of mind of SVS customer service and warranty.

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