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    I am looking for the bluetooth receiver. I am having Yamaha RXV373. Mainly I want to listen music from my mobile/pc...
    I have tried to use DLNA via WIFI, but the issue is the navigation of the playlist is pain (for each app like MediaShare/Ace Music/AudioGalaxy...)..so thought of using bluetooth, as all the devices supports it and from any application we can just select if it wants to play it in bluetooth or currecnt device..which is cool.. though bluetooth sound quality wont match wifi...

    so I have looked for some quality music thru bluetooth and heard APTX codec is much better than A2DP codec and need your suggestions on the below products / any new products are also welcome...

    I have gone through this NFC enabled Belkin HD Bluetooth receiver... which comes around SGD-$125.. But in Amazon it comes around 75 SGD w shipping..

    NFC Enabled HD Bluetooth® Music Receiver | BT Music Receiver | Audio | Entertainment | Products | Belkin USA Site

    this belkin is A2DP codec and When I searched I found

    Yamaha YBA-11 Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver - APTX codec which 50$ USD in AMAZON which supports APTX codec.


    YBA-11 has only digital coaxial and USB - APTX codec (can we use only with Yamaha?)..any idea this model available in Singapore and where to buy it..?

    Belkin HD BT receiver has digitial coaxial, Digitial Optical and 3.5 mm jack.. - A2DP (we can use it with any device)

    Any suggestions..thanks

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