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Hello all!

I am getting a 4K TV soon, and just realized that at best, my current equipment will be able to upsample 1080 to 4K but wont take native 4K feeds. I currently have:

- Oppo BDP-105 with FireStick 4K
- Denon 4311ci
- Wharfdale Evo2-40 Towers as fronts, Evo2-30 Towers as rears, and Evo2 center
- Rel Sub
Currently I do most of my viewing via the Firestick 4K fed to the Oppo, with the Oppo feeding the video directly to the TV and sound through the Denon. I also have the Denon connected to the TV when I want to watch a source that is not the Firestick/Oppo.

While my Oppo can upscale to 4K, it wont take an actual 4K feed natively. Additionally it does not play UHD-BDs.

I am not overly concerned with the UHD-BD play back, i figure if I get a good processor, any UHD-BD player would do fine. I am concerned about getting the video (and 2CH music) processing quality of the Oppo, and with AT LEAST the amplification provided by the Denon.

So far, I am thinking of an Emotiva MC-700 as the processor and temporarily keeping the Denon as my amplifier.

How does the Emo MC-700 compare to the Oppo in terms of video and audio processing?


Audioholic Jedi
I would rather get one of the new 8K/Atmos/DTSX AVRs from Yamaha, Denon, or Marantz.


Audioholic Ninja
For the Blu-ray player, a product from either Panasonic or Sony would be adequate. If you have SACDs or DVD Audio discs, then most of the Sony 4K players play them.

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