Looking for a center channel to add to my JBL Studio 530 speakers



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I have JBL 530 speakers and a Denon S960 AVR. I'd like to add a center channel to help out with dialogue but the Studio 520 is just too big for my tv console area. What would be a good, sleek center channel that would do the job nicely without being jarring paired up with the 530s? Thank you!


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Well. the 520C is the intended speaker. I use one with a set of Studio 5s (590/580/530s). Due some comments around here with some other users I'm going to try the Infinity RC263 that went on a great sale early in Dec but is out of stock for a few days more according to Harman....so maybe in a few weeks I can comment on how that compares.


I just encountered a similar situation related to space and center speaker widths. Most of them were just too wide and would require significant changes in set up. So I let that make my choice.

I don’t know about your JBLs, but what I did was find 2 Wharfedale’s that would fit on Music Direct. With free shipping and a 60 day return, little to lose.

Been using their Crystal 4 C for past month with my Vandersteen 3A Signatures and am keeping. Both movies and multi channel SACDs sound very good, and I’m just not hearing anything that’s a horrible match. I’m also 56, and a Deadhead that saw a couple of hundred shows, so could play a part...ha. I do consider myself a pretty critical listener so I do think I would know. Good luck!

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