Looking for a 65in. 4k TV had to return a Sony 900e



I had the Sony 900e ... Had a few issues and needed to bring it back to Best Buy. I was running it side by side next to an LG C7P. To my surprise, it held up pretty well considering I only paid $1495 with tax and 5yr warranty ($900 less). I paid $2400 for the C7 with warranty. When I returned the 900e, they had a 930e open box for $300 more. When I got it home, it could not hang with the C7 at all??? Come to find it was a return after they replaced the motherboard. Best Buy is willing to sell me there display for $1399 ($1750 out the door with warranty). So I am trying to decide between the 930e and the OLED which is $650 more…. Is the C7 $650 dollars better ?

I guess I can buy it and have it calibrated with the C7 OLED for $50 each to determine which TV is better for my preferences. The OLED just seems really dark, the whites have a blue tint to them and faces look really orange when watching cable TV. Hoping the calibration will fix this and that the calibration will help the 930e as well. Shocked that the C7 was better than the 930e on cable, Netflix upscale on HD and even HDR content.... Maroons looked marron on the C7 and looked more brown on the 930e. But this could be the issue with just this display and might be better on a different 930e.

Does anyone have any thoughts, insight or advice… or just wing it and see where the chips fall with each.

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