Living Room/Upstairs Systems (DIY mixed in)



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Heres mine, were about to move into a house in September, so i'll finally have some room. Actually I'll finally have some real room. We'll have a downstairs living room system, and then upstairs we'll have the large game room/theater. The Maggies will definently hit the game room.

Heres the living room.

Rack top to bottom
H/K Signature 2.0 Preamp
Monarchy Audio 18B DAC
Cable Box
Sharp Minidisc
Panasonic A120 DVD Player
Pioneer CLD-A100 Laserdisc
H/K PA5800 5ch Amp

Apex 32" CRT

DIY FlexyRack Variant


DIY Spheres using TangBand 3" W3-881s
DIY Passive 3.3CuFt Vented Sub using Dayton 12" 295-320

Upstairs (pretty cramped, also a computer room. Rarley use this syetem, which is a shame :( )

Assorted gear
Monarchy Audio SM-75 Amp
Technics SL-PS770 CD player
NEC CD-ROM (used as transport sometimes)
Creek Audio OBH-10 passive preamp

Magnepan MMG

Cables are all assorted, some DIY, some DIY Toslinks :D .....yet..... :rolleyes:
Did I see this system over at You look like one of the guys (including Saint) who built that home-made rack that works so well...


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Heres my future system being made :D :D :D :D

Its a pretty large room, probably 15'x20' square with various shoot offs to other rooms.

I'm thinking projection screen on the wall, and a Infinite Baffle sub array in the roof. Maybe 4 15" dayton IB drivers, with a plate amp mounted on the wall. That way I would get insane killer bass, and not have huge boxes anywhere or stress the drivers.

Projector can easily be mounted 20' or more back, so big screen here I come. Although I probably get the Infocus X2.

The room will be painted darkish grey, so an actual screen may not be necassary. And we already purchased 2 dark blue suede couches (extremely comfortable!) and a matching chaise. I might do stadium seating on the couches. Only one windows, so easier do deal with ambiant light.



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